Top 10 Places to go in Europe

Top 10 Places to go in Europe

There is no denying that Europe is the most accessible destination for most American travelers. Most avid seekers flock to Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam but Europe holds several other discovered and yet to be undiscovered gems. If you are going to Venice or Florence, why not pop over to Cinque Terre? Dublin? Hop in a car and head to County Galway. Budapest?- Try Hungarian wine country in Eger. Here is a top 10 places to go in Europe list for your viewing pleasure.

 Top Ten Places to go in Europe

  1. Istanbul, Turkey  This European city is a ‘must see’ and current top city to visit. With the 500 + years of history, the mosques, the art, and the museums, Istanbul is worth a chunk of your next itinerary.
  2. Cinque Terre, Italy – Located in the Northwestern part of Italy’s boot, Cinque Terre is definitely one of the most awe inspiring sites in all of Italy. Consisting of 5 villages Monterosso al Mare,Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore, these towns all nestle into the surrounding cliffs that tower above them. Hiking trails link all cities to one another and there is a commuter train as well. A proud UNESCO world heritage site that deserves to go on your Italy list.
  3. County Galway, Ireland A totally unexpected landscape from the usually lush green images we see. Much diversity in the land from sea to pastures, to absolute nothingness. Put Galway and Ireland and all it’s glory on your list.
  4. Riga, Latvia  A brilliant capital city where the sun sets past 10 om in the Summer. Don’t miss the turn of the century art nouveau architecture and lack of tourism.
  5. Krakow, Poland The cultural center of Poland and miraculously saved from destruction by the Nazi’s in WWII. Worth a couple days of exploring. Auschwitz camps are an hour away for a sobering piece of history.
  6. Granada, Spain –Yes, they eat dinner at 10 pm, go to the clubs at 2 am, but Granada also is home to the very famous and amazing Alhambra Palace. Alhambra tours can be had for a modest sum. An extremely amazing example of Islamic architecture built when Granada was ruled by the last of it’s Muslim Emirs.
  7. Salzburg Austria  The hills are alive in this gorgeous mountain community. Castles, parks, lakes and much more is afoot in the majestic scenery which is Salzburg.
  8. Split, Croatia- The new new hotspot for Summer travelers who want crystal clear waters, cheap accommodations and food and a place off most others radars.
  9. Eger, Hungary –After a couple days in Budapest, why not board a train to Hungarian Wine County? Eger is a very quaint town that is the gateway to the many varieties of red and white wine for which Hungary is fast becoming known.
  10. Grasse, France  Perfume capital of the world smack in France’s Provence region with the fields of Lavender to awaken your 5 senses and only a half hour from the lively city of Cannes on France’s Cote D’Azur.

Eger,Hungary- Sept

Lonely Galway-March

Beautiful park that surround Riga City Center- Aug

Blue Mosque-Istanbul Turkey-June

St. Peter’s Cemetery- Salzburg


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