Top 10 Things to Do in Ireland

Lonely road in Galway

What are the Top 10 things to do in Ireland? I narrowed down my most recent trip into a MUST SEE of  all of Ireland’s charms. Check out below.

  1. Old Midleton Distillery Tour in County Cork. It’s where they make Jameson’s! Free drink at conclusion of tour
  2. Ring of Kerry– a gorgeous loop in County Kerry that encompasses some of the most beautiful landscapes in Ireland. Ladyview is one example.
  3. Dublin is a must!  Ireland’s largest city and most cosmopolitan. Before you die, go to Dublin for St. Patrick’s day. It’s a 48 hour party in a sea of green.
  4. Cliffs of Moher– In Clare County on the Southwest. No much to do here except walk up to the cliffs and admire their jaw dropping deathly beauty.
  5. Kinsale- Idyllic Irish town on the sea in Cork County. Great for the night! There is even an old church converted into hotel called Old Presbytery.
  6. County Galway (my personal favorite). A few hours West of  Dublin via the new motorways, the county was a lonely, desolate place in mid-March but the scenery smacked of  a Martian seaside in parts.
  7. New Grange– a monument that many people aren’t quite sure what it was used for or why it was build. Considering it dates to 3200 BC and it’s UNESCO classification, it’s worth stopping by and seeing it for yourself. An hour or so North of Dublin.
  8. Kiss the Blarney Stone- don’t forget the antiseptic spray for your lips
  9. Go to a Castle, there are hundreds of them. (Bantry, Powerscourt, Kilkenny, Kyle Abby)
  10. Dingle Peninsula in county Kerry is amazing. It’s a beautiful peninsula blanketed by ocean and jaw dropping views. Optimal when the sky is a deep azure.
Of course, you also have the Giant’s Causeway, Belfast and all spots in between. Ireland won’t leave you wondering what to do next.

Side Notes:You have to sample as many local libations as possible. They do not taste the same out of country! Guinness, Jameson, or Ireland’s Bulmer’s (a hard Irish apple cider)



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