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My name is Megan and since my high school french class, all I have ever wanted to do is be on the road, unfortunately, school loans, a few boyfriends, and 2 dachshunds have delayed my plans. So, I am an IT desk jockey until I can break those chains and join the ranks of the wanderlust flashbacker. I am mentally planning my next RTW in a couple years but in the meanwhile, check out my musings from 42 countries and counting.

What is Flashpacking? Flashpacking is the love and joy of backpacking but without the time and perhaps a little more cash in the pocket to do it.  Flashpackers love to hit the road albeit for only a few short weeks or a month if we are lucky and we prefer a cleaner, more sanitized accommodation to those $5 dirt ground hovels I hear so many backpackers rave about. There is no wrong way to travel only a preferred method. Flashpacking is perfect for the FT worker bees who spend their precious vacation time roaming the world.

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Update: I just started my very own tour company called Peregrine West and its all about creating stress free trips to some of the best places on earth and the best part, I go on each and every trip to ensure a smooth and enjoyable time. Our first tour is in India Feb/March 2015.

To get you started here are a couple favorite of my travel blog posts:

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Flashpacker Below:

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Nepal (Oct 2014)

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India (Jan 2013)

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Thailand (Dec 2012)

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Iceland (June 2012)

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Belize (Nov 2011)

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Dubai Marina (Dec 2010)

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Riga, Latvia (Aug 2010)

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Galapagos Islands (Santa Cruz Island) Aug 2009

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Paris, France (Nov 2009)

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Ljublijana, Slovenia (March 2007)