things I never travel without

Top 10 Things I Never Travel Without

Having to been to 40+ countries, you start to accumulate packing philosophies. Always bring warm socks and an eye mask on long haul flights, wear your biggest shoes on travel ...

top 10 things to do in poland

Top 10 Things to Do in Poland

Poland is a country between a rock and a hard place and has suffered terribly for this geographical inferiority. I was fortunate to study here in 1998, in Wroclaw. Beer ...


Top 10 Things to Do in India (North)

India is not an endeavor to be taken hastily or lightly. I have comprised a list of the top things to do in India (North), why North India? There is enough action ...

All About India

quick and dirty tour of india

Big Fat World Does Tours

My life long dream to take people overseas is now a reality! ...
india travel tips

India Travel Tips

India can and will chew you up and spit you out if ...
top 10 things to do in north india

Video Series: Traffic in India

Traffic in India has to be one of the most chaotic, confusing, ...

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Packing for Nepal

I am packing for Nepal for a trip in late October through November. This will be my first time in Nepal. I have traveled quite a bit in general but know Nepal has many different types of climates that I must prepare for. I do not plan on any serious trekking or extreme sports (but you […]

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Wash Clothes While Traveling

How to Wash Clothes While Traveling

I have been all types of traveler: 4 star all inclusive holidays in the Caribbean and dirt poor, grimy backpacker in SE Asia. One thing is constant when you travel: dirty clothes. I have employed many hygienic and not so hygienic methods while on the road to avoid the laundry piling up. I have overpacked […]

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Cappadocia Video by Car

This is a very short Cappadocia video that I took out of my rental car in Turkey. The landscape is 100% natural and very unusual which makes Cappadocia one of the most visited places in Turkey. Besides Istanbul and the coast, this is the 3rd leg of any trip to Turkey. I have several other […]

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Flashpacker or Backpacker?

Are you a flashpacker or a backpacker? In my last 15 years of serious travel I have moved from end of the spectrum to the other end and back again. I have stayed in real sh*t holes in Guatemala, bug infested dumps in Vietnam and run down, dirty hovels in Eastern Europe, all while earning a very […]

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New Peregrine West Tours Jerseys Are In!

New Peregrine West Tours Jerseys Are In!

When I am not traveling, I am cycling. Just ordered a couple sample jersey’s with the company logo on them, they turned out great.  Rule one of owning your own company, Always Be Marketing! from Instagram: by

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Ecuador Video and Coldplay

I went to Ecuador several years ago with a friend and we went from Quito to Guayaquil, the golden coast and to the Galapagos. I brought my flip camera (fashionable a couple years ago) and took some video, added some Cold Play theme music and you have a 4 minute Ecuador video of that experience. […]

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philippines el nido

Rest Your Tired Head- El Nido Philippines

You know when you have found the Biolina Guest House when you see the Bougainvillea tree. This small 6 room guest house in Eld Nido Philippines is where I rested my head for my 5 day stay in this charming beach community. I found the guest house by accident as I had not booked a room before […]

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full mood party thailand

Full Moon Party in Thailand

The Full Moon Party in Thailand is a big pile of fun. There is food and booze, carnival rides, more food, a parade and thousands of floating paper lanterns drifting in the night sky. Full moon parties are nothing new if not ubiquitous in Thailand being held monthly, always on a full moon, with hordes […]

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mae hong son loop

Road Trip Thailand: Mae Hong Son Loop

You have not experienced Thailand until you have rented a motorbike and hit the roads. I am not talking about cruising Bangkok but the more rural stretches of pavement. One such trip rests in Northern Thailand and is called the Mae Hong Son Loop for the province it encompasses. This loop would have every American man, woman and child […]

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Bitcoin and Travel

Bitcoin and travel are perhaps my most favorite things right now and believe it or not they have a wonderful symbiotic relationship. I am starting my own tour company (finally) called Peregrine West Tours and starting your own anything doesn’t come cheap. That’s why when I started researching all the places I could use my already […]

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