Travel Life Lessons

travel lessons

Travel. Why do so many love it? Some love the escape from work or family. Some love the yet unwritten adventure. Whether a weekend at the beach or a 9-month backpacking trip...


Weird India Part 2


India is the largest democracy in the world and is the cradle of hinduism. It’s often referred to as being schizophrenic for many kinds of things a traveler will encounter...


Packing for an Ibiza Party

packing for nepal

Packing for a Ibiza party doesn’t have to be hard. The ultimate clubbing island requires little to enjoy the ultimate party vacation. Here are some of the essentials for your...


Ruins & Boulders: Welcome to Hampi, India

hampi boulder
View of Virupaksha Temple from Hemakuta Hill (great hill for sunsets)

Hampi is like going to Rome or Ephesus in Turkey but without the crowds. You can walk through, sit on, stand next to and deface (as some teenagers have done...


Christmas in India

christmas in india

Christmas morning yoga was cancelled so I retired myself to my favorite breakfast place in Hampi Bazaar. Three women run this outdoor establishment and cook up mighty fine and tasty...


Golden Arches of India

mcdonalds in india
None of this at a Mcdonalds in India

Today the little American inside me wanted to get out. I was walking in Mysore, India, a rather charming South India city and saw a familiar sight on the horizon....