How to Become a Travel Blog Influencer

travel blog influencer
When I started travel blogging in 2009, things were simpler, as least they seemed to be. You could write a great article, post it and people would read it. At one point in my blogging career, I was getting 8k strangers a month without trying and 5 advertising offers a month. I tried to make travel a full time gig but wasn't sure how to do it so went back and got another desk jo...
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Oludeniz: Turkey’s Dead Sea

Oludeniz- Taken from Cliff
Oludeniz, or dead sea (olu = dead & deniz=sea), is perhaps the most famous vacationing spot on Turkey's Aegean coast. Simply google Oludeniz and the resulting images are a reason it's so popular. Bright blue skies with corresponding bright clear waters. If you are going to Turkey for holiday,, this is the place! Average Summer temps are 90 degrees (33 C) and daily azur ...
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Twitter for Travel Bloggers, Your Best Friend and Worst Enemy

Twitter for Travel Bloggers Honestly, I love to hate twitter. As a travel blogger, it's a great medium to distribute your awesome blog posts out to the universe. Just like having good, strong posts is important so are your tweets, not matter what world you are playing in, Content is King. Twitter for travel bloggers is essential in 2015. But, most of the time, I find my twe...
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Packing for India

top 10 things to do in north india
Packing for India India is a big country and has a very diverse climate. Between North & South India in December, the temperature can vary by 30-40 degrees and I am not even considering the mountainous regions of North India. If you are planning on staying a while, this weather variance makes it a hard country to pack for. The good news, packing wise, it's probably going t...
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Travel Life Lessons

travel lessons
Travel. Why do so many love it? Some love the escape from work or family. Some love the yet unwritten adventure. Whether a weekend at the beach or a 9-month backpacking trip through southeast Asia, travel teaches us valuable lessons about the world and ourselves. Those who have the ability to travel often and longer, are getting an AP class in these lessons. Here are some im...
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Weird India Part 2

India is the largest democracy in the world and is the cradle of hinduism. It's often referred to as being schizophrenic for many kinds of things a traveler will encounter on a journey there. No one can explain accurately what you meet when you step off the plane but for one thing, it's never boring. This was my 2nd time in India and again I can fill a swimming pool with weird ...
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New and Creative Ways to Relieve Stress at the Airport

New and Creative Ways to Relieve Stress at the Airport If you have been around the world, odds are you have been to many an airport. Some are great and others are lackluster. One thing that is universal is the stress associated with each one. Although some airports and airlines are still catching up to new standards of aiding anxiety free travel, Huffington Post reports t...
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Paradise sands: exploring the best beaches in Florida

things to do in barbados
Florida offers a lot of beaches, so it can be hard to choose which to visit. Here are three of the best beaches in Florida for your next unforgettable vacation! Del Ray Beach This two-mile stretch of shoreline is great for casual family days out. Nearby Atlantic Avenue boasts a plethora of delicious seafood restaurants and shopping. The nearby Seagate Hotel & Spa offe...
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