Top 10 Things to Do in Kathmandu

things to do in kathmandu nepal

Kathmandu or KTM is the political and financial center of Nepal. It boasts (some) wide avenues, international cuisine, lots of pollution and horrendous traffic. It also is part of anyone’s...


Nepal Street Art – Part 1

nepal street art kathmandu

There is a wide variety of street art in Nepal pulsating throughout the country, while not as sophisticated as other cities like Reykjavik or Istanbul, it is there and very interesting...


Dal Bhat Power, 24 Hour

dal bhat

Dal Bhat is the national dish of Nepal and anyone who comes to Nepal, eats the dal bhat. For those new to the taste sensation of dal bhat, it literally...


Yes, Virginia, There Really is Golf in Nepal

View from the top near clubhouse. See the mountains?

Nepal isn’t know as a golf destination and for good reason, the country doesn’t have more than a ½ dozen and some of them are a little rough around the...


A Nepal Temple a Day…

kathmandu temple

You know the old adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, well the same can be said for a Nepal temple. There is certainly no shortages of temples in...


Stranger in a Strange Land Called Nepal

ghorahi, nepal
Chicken so fresh it's still alive.

It’s a very rare thing as a traveler to have the realization that you are potentially the only western foreigner i.e. white skinned foreigner in a place. I had that...


1st Impressions of Nepal

impressions of nepal
Momo Hut- 1st dinner in Kathmandu

I wasn’t sure what my impressions of Nepal would be after my 35 hour 3 legged trip (CLT-JFK-AUH-KTM). I have traveled all over in N. India so I felt the...


Packing for Nepal

packing for nepal

I am packing for Nepal for a trip in late October through November. This will be my first time in Nepal. I have traveled quite a bit in general but...


Top 10 Things I Never Travel Without

things I never travel without
Udiapur at Sunset (Rajasthan, India)

Having to been to 40+ countries, you start to accumulate packing philosophies. Always bring warm socks and an eye mask on long haul flights, wear your biggest shoes on travel...